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Bo likes to run and play and needs an active life style. He would do best with a big yard. He needs someone that is strong enough to control him. He does walk well on leash and sits on command. When he gets excited he runs and pulls the leash holder so will need some extra training. He should learn fast as he listens and appears to want to please. He would probably be okay in a family with older kids - a bit to playful for younger ones. Really likes other dogs either in the family or neighbors/friends dogs. He needs a solid home structure with a routine and discipline. He really, really needs and wants someone to play with him. An insight into his personality. This morning we were all in the family room. Bo wandered into the bedroom and came back with one of Riely's bed pillows in his mouth. Put it down - rested his head on it and was content. Later when foster went to the bedroom, Bo he took it back. He is kind/mellow and minds well. A really great all-around dog.
I am a beautiful, active boy, looking for a loving and fun home.