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Sweet Annabelle
Annie is a sweet and active old girl. She was dropped off at a local rescue organization with just her name. She is very adaptable and still very full of life. She loves to swim and should be placed in a home where she can do this as much as possible. She also likes to be part of the program and follows where the people and action is. Besides loving to go for her daily on leash and off leash walks (where she actually will still runs for short distances) and swims in the river, she enjoys simply relaxing and staring out the back door. She is very attentive and mentally alert. Annie needs to lose 20lbs. off her 100 lb. frame and as of 7/30 she was down to 95 lbs and feeling even friskier! It's like she's reversing the aging process with good food, exercise, weight loss and rimadyl.
Annie-Pure Old Gold
Annie loves to be where the action is and thinks she hit the jackpot with dog toys!
Yes, her figure needs a little work.
Sweet Annie