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My name is Oliver and I am looking for that special home to adopt me. I have lots and lots of energy, just like the energized bunny. I had a rough start and I am just beginning to know what it is like to have someone understand my needs. I need someone who is willing to work with me daily and to teach me the proper social skills and house manners that I was lacking. The only way I knew how to get attention was to grab your arm or hand and not let go until I was punished. I had 14 months of getting away with everything but now with my foster mom I am learning how to be a good boy. I am learning to trust you when you go to pet me and not pull my head away or mouth your arm and hand. I am learning to wait to come in the house, but I still try to get in first. I need to go to obedience school where I know I will graduate with honors and make you proud of me. I love to run, play in water and play ball. I get along really well with other dogs but I am not that fond of cats. I need someone to be patient with me while I learn cause I am going to make mistakes. I would love to have another dog to play with and show me the ropes. At this time NO children under the age of 10 years. If you adopt me, I know I will make you proud and I will be your best friend for life.