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If you meet Willie you will LOVE him! He is a super sweet and gentle golden who is very easy to be around. In March 2016, Willie was diagnosed with Golden Retriever Uveitis. Unfortunately the eyes drops could not control the pressure and on June 13, 2017 Willie had both eyes removed at UC Davis. He feels so much better! Although he is still trying to encourage his hair to grow back in, he is healing nicely. All his life Willie has been a very active family dog who enjoyed camping, backpacking, and long hikes. Since the surgery he is still trying to figure things out but he is showing us he's a fast learner and once again a confident walker. As his owner said "For Willie, backpacking or sitting up against your chair at home, it doesn't matter he's always happy and willing to please." He loves his squeaky toys and rolling over for belly rubs. It may be nice if Willie has a calm dog buddy to show him some guidance in his new home. Please contact us if you feel you'd like to welcome Willie with open arms in your home. He's truly a treasure!