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My name is Gus. I have some updated pictures. I am your typical golden. Love people, kids, dogs and cats. I am happiest when I am with my people and love going on adventurers. Put me in a car and I will go with you anywhere. When I came into rescue, I was a mess. I am allergic to fleas and other environmental elements. I have been on some great tasty grain free food and treated for fleas monthly with Simparica. NGRR has started me on Apoquel allergy medication along with twice weekly baths. If we do not see a significant improvement, then they will try an injectable allergy medication. I am beginning to respond and feel much better. Apoquel costs approx. $200 for 100 tablets I was also diagnosed with KCS, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, or dry eye in the right eye. I will need to continue with the Optimmune and artificial tears. Optimmune costs approx. $34. I truly am a great boy with some special needs. I will need a loving home prepared to manage a golden retriever with chronic skin, eye and ear issues.
I'm willing to play ball anytime you are....
Enjoying the backyard sun.
I'm already feeling better with a little TLC.