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Calm loving boy
Patrick is a low-energy boy. He occasionally jumps up when very excited, but other than than he's calm and prefers to be just relaxing near his people. He pulls on leash when first out the door, but one correction and he walks calmly by your side with a slow pace. He will pull when he sees a cat (they look so fun to chase!) but he is learning that is not allowed. In the house he is respectful of cats and usually stays out of claw range. He does not like most other dogs. He ignores them, but if forced to greet them, he will growl. In his foster home he is ok with the smaller puppy, but the others must stay their distance. He spends most of his time outdoors because of his dislike of the other dogs, so he needs some work on house manners. It is unknown whether he's housebroken, but that lesson should only take a few days. Patrick is a calm boy that just wants to please.