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Brew (not his real name) was found stray. I just can't believe that the owner isn't really missing him. This dog is a dream. Just eager enough to express desire to be with you and do things for you. But well able to relax. Walks without any pulling. Alerts but otherwise non-reactive to other dogs. UPDATE: Brew has begun finally shown his less innocent and more humorous side when he is bored or tempted or hungry. He tried to take my other dogs' special diet (no wonder - it's tempting) and when pulled away he then shredded a bag of trash (it was left unprotected). He's also taken a few smelly items off the kitchen counter. It is almost like he is laughing - 'well I was just letting you know that I'm good 99% of the time by choice - I do know how to cause trouble'. Taking him for his morning walk is such a pleasure.