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Thank you for donating to NGRR. This entry form allows you to choose how you want your donation applied, your donation amount, whether to pay by cash, check or credit card, and information required to send you an appreciation note and an acknowledgement to others, if desired.

The simplest form of payment is to pay by credit card. If you choose this option on the form below, after you complete this form, you will be redirected to our NGRR PayPal website where you will be asked to enter your credit card information. We will then match your donation through PayPal to this form so that we can properly thank you for your gift and send out the acknowledgement required such as for a Memorial or Tribute.

If you choose to pay by cash or check, you will need to make a copy of this form (available as a printer friendly PDF) and mail it with your donation to our Mailbox as shown on the PDF. When your mailed donation arrives, we will be able to match it to this form so that we can properly thank you and also send out any acknowledgement required such as for a Memorial or Tribute.
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There are 7 types of donations to choose from in the dropdown box below:

1. General Fund goes to covering our typical expenses of all dogs we take in such as vet bills, occasional surgeries, newsletter publication, postage, etc.

2. Senior Fund is devoted to helping senior dogs (over 8 years old) find loving new homes.

3. Special Needs Fund is devoted to dogs with critical health or injury issues, but who still have a chance for a reasonable quality life if the appropriate medical care is given. You can identify a particular dog or just donate to the fund.

4. Memorials allow you to honor a person or animal who has left us.

5. Tributes allow you to honor a person for a milestone or achievement such as a birthday, anniversary, graduation, new child, etc.; or for honoring a successful event.

6. Success Story allows you to recognize a successful NGRR adoption that touched your heart.

7. Event Registration allows you to pay for an upcoming NGRR event, however you may still be asked to fill out and mail in the registration form separately.

Note: items 3 through 7 require additional entry fields below.
Note: If you wish to submit a lengthier Memorial or Tribute with pictures to be published on our web site, then please see our Memorials and Tributes page.

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NGRR does not sell, exchange or otherwise provide any of your personal information to others.