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As much as we love them, the time comes when we have to let our special friends go. While they will live forever in our hearts, sometimes we want the world to know about them too. NGRR let's you create a lasting Memorial to those companions or people who made a special difference in our lives or the lives of those close to us. 

NGRR also lets you create a Tribute to special friends, human or canine,  to celebrate an event, or otherwise honor them.

There are two ways to create your Memorial  or Tribute:

Simple donation: Donate by cash, check or credit card using the on line donation form .  Select Memorial or Tribute from the dropdown. Be sure to complete the fields for an acknowledgment if you want us to send one.   Follow through with all the PayPal directions if you use a credit card . We suggest a minimum donation of $25

Website : You can create a Memorial or Tribute with pictures and longer text to show up on this page like those shown below.   Make a donation using our on line donation form as described above. Follow through with all the PayPal directions if a credit card is used.    Then in addition, send your text and images to [email protected] where we will create the  page for you. We suggest a minimum donation of $50.

A Special Gift

As a special gift to all the dogs who have gone before, one of Norcal GRR's very special friends has a poem to share with us. Many of you have asked for a link to The Rainbow Bridge Story.

                                          Those we miss we will always remember.

Jerry O'Connell Memorial Fund

In memory of our beloved Jerry that passed away May 15, 2014 after a valiant battle with lung cancer.  

His infectious laugh and love of life brought constant joy to others.  Jerry was a selfless man who always strived to put the needs of his family and friends before his own.  A trait he carried with him until the end.  Always offering unconditional friendship and love, he will be missed by everyone.  He enjoyed golfing, planning vacations for his family and cheering on his favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers.  

Jerry was always surrounded with the love of a beautiful wife, six amazing children and his Golden Retriever, Halen. XOXO.

John Joseph Curran Memorial

John was a lover of all things, but one of his biggest personal passions was his love for dogs...especially Golden Retrievers. For over 30 years you could not find John without a dog by his side or near to his heart. Charlie, Jake, Arthur, Roxy, and Oliver all felt the love and passion that John had for his four-legged friends. He also branched out and loved two smaller furry friends: Max (Yorkie) and Sadie (Maltese).

Nothing would bring more joy to John's heart than knowing donations in his name to Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue would help support these beautiful animals.

If you choose to donate by check, please annotate it with the text "In memory of Mr. John Curran" and send it to:

    Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue
    405 El Camino Real #420
    Menlo Park, CA 94025

Our most loyal and loved Cotton age 12 came to us as a foster at 4, he tried three homes and kept coming back to us, we are the lucky ones, he was a hoot. 
Cotton was our most loyal friend he will be so missed.  Sweet Cotton! 
The Beard Family
In memory of our beloved best friend and family member Bosco. A dog who epitomized the Golden Retriever character in each and every way with his unconditional radiant love and loyalty. They say we can learn a lot from our dogs: patience, happiness, loyalty, love, trust and companionship…all things that our sweet "Bosco Boy" had. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about him and miss him.

Bosco: We miss your joyful trot, couch cuddles, wiggly greeting with a mouthful of toys, your big smile, wagging tail, and always having you right by our side. You really were the best dog a family could ever hope for...We were the lucky ones. We love you, Bosco, and will forever miss you. XOXO.

Tenaya Stine
"In honor of my fabulous big sister, Pat Lynch, and for all the Goldens whose lives are safe and warm during this holiday season and throughout the year because of her talents and huge heart in creating the NGRR calendar each year. Her Wheaten nieces and I love her so much for everything that she does for NGRR."

Connie Koehler
Connemar Wheatens
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

We adopted Kevin from NorCal GRR when he was six. Turns out he adopted us. He was the perfect fit for our family. He came into our home and settled right into our hearts. We'll miss his joyful prance, his squirmy reunion at the door, his big smile, all the walks, hours of FETCH, that wagging tail, our best friend. We love you, Kevin, and we'll miss you forever!

--Drew & Susan Henry

For the love of dear Henry, who kept our Monday writing group entertained, on our toes, amused, and laughing for years, from coast to coast... He was a cherished mascot and a loving companion to our class, rain or shine.

Henry, our pens will flurry on and remember you always, sweet friend.

--Wight's Concord Creative Writers

Sok (right) was a wonderful companion and epitomized the Golden nature.  An avid swimmer, his serious side came out when helping emotionally disturbed children deal with their issues.  He carried on a wonderful line of Goldens from his father, Abraham, and bred extensively with Canine Companions for Independence (Santa Rosa) and Guide Dogs for the Blind (San Rafael).

His son, Benjamin (left) was another energetic lover. Lymphoma cut short his life just before he was to start his breeding career.

Both are still missed after the years.

A special thanks and recognition to Dr. Ruth at CCI who was pivotal in both their lives and instrumental in bringing us together.

--John Graykoski 


You could not have been more loyal or appreciative of our affection and care. You found your forever home, and we found pure love. Thank you for all your teaching. We love you.

Love,Mom (Susie) and Jim Glueck

Malcolm was loved by all and wherever he went… home, at the office, on vacation, or just walking down the street.  He greeted every person and every other animal with that golden smile and with the tail wagging.  He left us all too soon but everyone is a better person for having spent time with him.

 Thank you.

 --Joyce Shiarella

We didn’t have Shiloh for 9 years—he had us.   Gentle and sweet, when he wagged his tail his whole body wiggled.  And when you hugged him he would lean into you.  And he had  the most elegant prance.

Shiloh never let us forget to play, always eager to fetch or tug with his grungiest toys.  He was king of the bubble chasers.   Oh, and a skilled counter surfer without a shred of remorse for the occasional filched sandwich.

There wasn’t a time when Max or I lay down for a nap that Shiloh didn’t make a beeline to plop down beside us.  That was just his job.  

And Shiloh was the best friend of Emily Rose, our Black Lab mix.  They were inseparable.  She misses him, as we will always miss him.

With gratitude to our loving companion.

Lucy, Max, and Emily Rose

Lili Marlene, Loving memebr of the Nyren family  

Crossed the Raibow Bridge on April 7, 2012 at age 10


Lili came to us through NGRR, an abandoned stray with a lethal infection, heartworm and evidence she'd recently had puppies.  NGRR paid for her heartworm and other care and Lili became our fourth golden adopted throigh NGRR.  She was special for her dainty and feminine nature, love of snuggling, and warrior princess nature when water or squirrels were sighted. In the mornings, she would jump into our bed and hug me while staring deeply into my eyes. Until late in life, she had no use for other dogs, until our fifth Golden, Sunny of Hollywood, taught her to play.    She is deeply mourned.  Eve Nyren 

In memory of Betty Barkus (nee Rovetta) January 31, 2002- July 7, 2010


Loving family member of Kris Williams, Trigger, and Simba


Click here for the full story.

In memory of Belle, loving family member of Patty and Mike Zahares

September 16, 1994 ~ February 16, 2010.   Click here to read the full story

Cutter, loving family member of Bob and Barbara Richards passed over the Rainbow bridge on January 8, 2010 at almost 14 years old. Click here to see his story.

Rusty, loving member of the family of Eve and Koichi, passed over the rainbow bridge on Sept 13, 2009  Click here to see the memorial.

Mikie Morgan, loving part of the Morgan family  (Jill, Richard, Molly, Samson and Scooter) passed over the Rainbow Bridge  May 27, 2009 Click here to see his Memorial.

Jake, a warm and loved member of  the Ashley family, born 10/8/98 passed over the  Rainbow Bridge  November 21, 2008.  Click here  to see Jake's Memorial.