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Poetry and Prose

Dog Quotes                               Terrific quotes about dogs from famous people

Dogs Prayer                              A  dog's prayer to be cared for and loved. 

Do I go home today?                 A dog wonders if this is the day he'll be adoptded or...... 

Christmas puppy poem             Santa rescues an ignored dog

If I didn't have dogs                    A view of  life without dogs 

The Rainbow Bridge                 The sweetest story of when a dog passes on.

Last will and testament              The will of Eugene O'Neill's dog, Blemie

Poor little rich dog                     What can happen to dogs that are ignored.    
For Foster homes everywhere   A dog tells us how wonderful it is to be fostered.

Puppy Love                               Suzanne Luther's sad story of a very sick dog from a puppy mill

Rescue Dog                               A dog's story of being  rescued
Subject: Rescue needed            A fun story about choosing dog or spouse for rescue

Just a dog                                  How we all feel aboutour dogs