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NGRR is an all volunteer organization. We are always looking for people with a soft spot for Golden Retrievers who can help us.  If you have some extra time, please join us in our Mission to place adoptable Goldens in loving new homes.

NGRR does not have a central facility; instead we all work out of our homes and communicate by phone, email and our website. Our volunteer positions fall into 3 broad categories: Foster, Hands On and Support, all of which are defined below and in the applications.

For Fostering, see our  On Line foster application  or Printable Foster Application .

For Hands On or Support, see our On Line Volunteer Application or Printable Volunteer Application

If you do not hear from us after 7 days, you may leave a voice message on our Hot Line at 650-615-6810 or call our Cell 650-665-0964.

Fostering takes a special kind of person who can take a surrendered or rescued Golden into their home on short notice, care for it, see that it gets vet care incuding nueter or spaying and the required innoculations,  and other wise prepare it for adoption.  NGRR pays for all the vet care.

Hands On Positions include:
- assisting with adoptions such as home visits, phone intereviews, and working with other volunteers to find the best dog match for approved applicants
-assisting with surrenders, such as interviewing families who want to surrender their dog, transporting the dog to fosters, and working wih other volunteers to find the best household match for a surrendered dog.
These Hands On positions are all location specific.  We are organized mostly by county, so if you are interested in a Hands On position, your application will be forwarded to our appropriate Area Adoption Coordinator and/or Area Surrender Coordinator as well as the Volunteer Coordinator .

Support Positions  include:
- Newsletter editor
- Writing Thank You Notes
- Volunteer Coordinator
- Annual Calendar publication
- Merchandise Manager
- Vet Committee
- Annual fund
- Web site support
- Helping wth Outreach and Education
- Professional help such as accounting, finance, legal, public relations, etc.

Your volunteer application will be forwarded to our Volunteer Coordinator who will then decide which of our people can best use your help.  

Must Fill Jobs--  See the curent list of Must Fill Jobs to get an idea of what  specific jobs we have open in what locations.